It has been an inspiring fortnight. I’ve listened in awe to Andrew Curran talk about the wonders of the human brain, watched fascinated as schools described their advances in digital technology at the Digitally Confident conference and I’ve just returned from the wonderful Teaching and Learning takeover. During half term, I will blog more extensively about how these events have inspired my practice but, with a week of teaching, assessing, late nights and other commitments still ahead, I’ve had an idea…

Inspired by @ohlottie’s work on #proudofmyselfie I would love to hear what teachers are proud of so far this year. It seems that I have less time than ever to blog and even less time on my hands to read the blogs of others. Putting these two factors together, I’m calling all educators to join in with a twitter celebration of inspired ideas that we are proud of. This is how it will work:

Use the hashtag #proudofmyclassroom and copy @ITLWorldwide into your tweet. There will be a prize for the best tweet so we want to keep them all together.

Include an image and a caption that sums up a teaching idea, technique, method etc that you are proud of and one that might inspire others.

If you were inspired by another educator to create this, don’t forget to give them a shout out too.

When I first joined twitter, I remember being bowled over by the awesome ideas that came flooding into the palm of my hand. Lately, I’ve heard of teachers that fear pressing publish for fear of ridicule. That’s sad. If you feel proud of something you have done, no matter how small… press publish and  know that others will celebrate your success with you. It’s also hard to find time to read longer blogs as pressures are piled on in school. If teachers join me in this end of half term celebration of our achievements, we can fill twitter feeds with positivity and ideas that can inspire others in no time at all. There are no limits to how many tweets you can enter so get snapping!

I have an idea about something I’d like to create from the tweets… I’ll leave that until another day…


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